Trial By Teaching, Enduring Assaults and Insults in Public Schools by James J. Gaudio



The main purpose of this website is to allow agents and publishers an opportunity to sample my book’s manuscript. If you are a member of one of those professions, I hope you’ll decide to stick around awhile and look the site over.

To help with your decision, I’ll note that Trial by Teaching (Enduring Assaults and Insults in the Public Schools) at times has to do with students describable as troublesome in some way and to some extent. To be sure, having to deal with misbehaving kids during my teaching career did not surprise me. On the other hand, having to commonly deal with misbehaving adults did. In fact, most of the book concerns the dismay I too often experienced when dealing with adults during my employment as a public school teacher. Although public school is a venue most people would associate with kid-related headaches, on any given day, some administrator, parent, counselor or teacher (yes, teacher) could cause my head to really pound.

Please note that ALL the stories in Trial by Teaching are true. My intention is to allow the truth to stunningly illustrate how tough it can be to work as a teacher in the public schools, most particularly when inept, vicious and scheming adults interfere with a teacher’s only real duty: teaching.

James J. Gaudio